MalabariWord - About

We wanted a scripture in the dialect of the Mappila whose heritage is from the Malabar region of Kerala. There are many more loan words from Arabic, and the language varies from general Malayalam. That led us to call the name of the site the “Word”, meaning “scripture”, presented in a Mappila Malabari dialect. You may notice that all 1,189 chapters of the holy scriptures are not yet on this site. We are continuing the process, but we started the work of adapting the scriptures with these things in mind:

  1. A set of stories we call Discovering Allah that gives an overview of the scriptures from creation onwards.
  2. A set of stories we call the Seerat al Masih that is the biography of Isa al Masih
  3. Famous miracles of Isa al Masih
  4. Poetry from the Zaboor (Dawood al Salaam) and Yashaia
  5. Other assorted favourite chapters